Seema Shilliwala

  • Chief People Officer

Seema Shiliwala, Chief People Officer of TransForm Solutions is a key force behind the company’s success. She is the Chief Administrative Officer of the company since the formative days of TransForm Solutions. Her meticulous planning skills have helped TransForm Solutions create an enviable niche for its service delivery.

With over 15 years of experience by her side, Seema possesses just what the fast evolving services sector calls for –an eye for detail and a dynamic mindset to keep pace with all that’s latest in backend administration. She is a great people manager, blessed with a deep sense of business that helps TransForm Solutions differentiate itself. Under her leadership, a team of motivated individuals with distinguishable administrative skills work towards one common goal – to help TransForm Solutions deliver in a way that clients prosper.

Born in Chennai, Seema is currently based in Surat with her husband and their son. When she’s not working, you would probably find her watching a movie, camping, skiing or simply back packing. She also has a penchant for interior designing.