Case Study

Online magazine on rollerblading for skating enthusiasts gets a revival

Comprehensive magazine about facts on sport, including events, news, shopping, etc., which caters to the interests of enthusiasts of all levels.

Results At A Glance


Talent availability at competitive costs

Sales Increase

32% Increase

Virtual assistance team

Increase efficiency by 2x


Expanded in 9 states by quality manpower.


    Our customer is a magazine publisher dedicated to rollerblading, also known as inline skating. Although the sport is popular across news portals, fitness and lifestyle magazines and websites, there are very few platforms dedicated to true skating lovers.

    Our customer’s comprehensive magazine covers all facets of the sport, including events, news, shopping, etc., which caters to the interests of enthusiasts of all levels.

    Initial enthusiasm in this service started waning over time due to the sustained effort required to keep quality levels up, and this was reflected in stagnant sales over a period of time.

    Our customer heard about TransForm, through an online platform and hired TransForm to help with his business challenge. TransForm quickly conducted a feasibility study to gather the customer’s requirements. We then assigned a dedicated Project Manager and Virtual Assistant (VA) to understand their business processes and pain points, and crafted a strategy to address them.


    Based on the requirements gathering and feasibility study, it was evident that the customer’s main issue was an acute lack of quality manpower. The existing staff was over-utilized, resulting in quality dips. This put pressure in launching new initiatives and crafting new go-to-market strategies. Chiefly, our customer faced the following issues:

    • Difficulty in hiring technical and admin staff in a highly competitive job market
    • Constraints in utilizing existing workforce due to involvement in current initiatives
    • Inability to start new initiatives in time to gain competitive advantage in the market

    Our customer briefed us on task outlines After which the dedicated VA assigned sent task samples which the customer reviewed and suggested changes. This provided a cognitive input to the VA, and the whole exercise resulted in cognitive learning and insights.

    Over a few weeks, more VAs were trained on the business process, who took over repetitive jobs, allowing the customer’s staff to focus more on the core business.

    In addition to handling tasks such as web research, invoicing, blogging and record keeping, TransForm created an instructional training document to be used to train future employees. The training manual helped standardized procedures and eliminated manual intervention by the customer to a great extent in future training programs.


    Synergy with our customer brought transformational changes to their business processes. Apart from qualitative benefits, our customer recorded several quantitative benefits such as:

    • Increased efficiency by 2x as a result of a dedicated virtual assistant team
    • Talent availability at competitive costs
    • Jump of 32% in sales figures over the past 2 years
    • Expanded geographical reach by 9 states as a result of quality manpower being available whenever required

    With TransForm’s collaboration at every step, our customer is confident of growing their business and expanding their footprint rapidly over the coming years.

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