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How TransForm helped Australia’s online food ordering marketplace unlock a billion-dollar valuation

Customer: A leading Australian food ordering marketplace with 4,400 listed restaurants. A perfect example of a food-tech company, from start-up to a success story.

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ANZ’s #1 online and mobile food ordering service

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5,000 restaurants

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9000 orders a day


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    The food ordering space has become the next big tech trend to watch out for. Growing at 24% over the last 5 years, the space has seen an upsurge of players who’ve set up takeaway and online order platforms, redefining and challenging the traditional restaurant space. The years 2005 to 2010 saw a lot of growth in the industry and very soon the space began to get crowded. Within a few years, there were many local as well as global players vying to win over an evolving base of customers.

    Founded in 2010, our customer is one such take-away and food delivery portal in Australia that enables local customers to order food online from an extensive network of high-quality restaurants. In the face of increasing competition, our client joined hands with us as their technology partner to help them strengthen their foothold and fast-track their growth. Our synergies soon bore fruit, and today our customer is the largest food ordering platform in Australia.


    Being a relatively new domain at that time, there were very few points of reference or business precedents the customer could refer to. This also presented another challenge to the customer in terms of visualizing emerging trends in this space and preparing for upcoming challenges. The key areas the customer wanted addressed were:

    • Inconsistency in service response times
    • Lack of co-ordination with affiliated restaurants
    • Inability to deliver round-the-clock customer service
    • Ordering channels restricted to voice and online
    • Lack of meaningful and usable customer and vendor data

    TransForm placed dedicated teams that took care of requests at the customer-supplier node, customer-user node, and the backend, analyzing in real time the gaps in the entire business process and how to address each one in the best possible manner. After a detailed analysis, TransForm formulated the following solutions:

    • Increase in manpower at the front end and training them in time and motion management to reduce unproductive activities
    • Training all front end staff in both online and voice response instead of dedicated personnel for each
    • Putting into place a comprehensive communications process with automatic routing of calls to available personnel
    • Digitizing all the feedback from the end users as well as the service records of affiliated restaurants into a software tool which could provide selective information on demand
    • Technology upgrades for order placements which included orders via SMS, printer and fax, as well as restaurant and customer query handling systems

    As a result of the above steps, the customer has been able to:

    • Meet and improve the defined SLA for service response (order processing) time of 10 minutes, which is being maintained consistently
    • Provide 24/7 coverage to all user and restaurant service requests
    • Scale efficiently as the business grows
    • Gain end-to-end view and control over its user interface, with all data right from initial query and service response to final feedback available instantly
    • Make informed decisions quicker through better business insights obtained from the above data

    During 2010-15, a time when the global online food ordering industry grew at a rate of 24%, our customer’s revenues surged 35%. From 150-200 daily orders in the initial period, TransForm now helps them process over 9000 orders a day. Surpassing their own targets, they bring in over 50 new restaurants into their network every quarter and have built a pool of over 4,000 restaurants over the last 5 years.

    Even in the presence of a number of successful food ordering players in the Australian market for over 8 years now, this company has evolved into one of the fastest-growing start-ups in the country and a market leader in its domain in a short span of 5 years.

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