Case Study

One of the largest vacation rental company, improved back end operation using Virtual Assistants

The company provides services to high-end niche travel segments like city-centre studio, cosy ski chalet or a sprawling beach house.

Results At A Glance

Benefits of automated data entry tool

Reduce Client’s cost of operation by 60%

Organic customer visits

Increased by 40% every quarter

Digital marketing cost

Reduced by 20%


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    Founded in 2007, the company has listed more than 300,000 properties in 179 countries on its portal. Its headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

    The company provides services to high-end niche travel segments like city-centre studio, cosy ski chalet or a sprawling beach house.

    It is also the largest travel community in the world, with 20 million members and over 50 million reviews and opinions. The listed properties have an opportunity to expose themselves to more than 260 million unique monthly visitors.


    For such a huge worldwide portal, maintaining the back end operation is a challenging task. Its challenges were in areas such as.

    List Building

    • Build a list of vacation rentals available worldwide.
    • Find a suitable vacation rental property, owned by individuals / direct owners.
    • Having a segregated list of customers that have different accomodation preferences in different countries.


    • The primary source of web traffic needed to be organic, for which new keywords for all targeted countries had to be updated regularly.
    • Having a system developed for targetting customers with similar interests across different markets.
    • Having different strategies of marketing in different markets , all adapted to increase convevrsions to sales.
    • Competitor research – find the competitor keyword, keyword they are bidding on and other details. This was to be done separately for each different market.

    Online Research Services

    • TransForm provided a team to do web research and find a valid list of vacation rental properties across the globe.
    • There are a few distinct categories of vacation properties, which are primarily required by the client. TransForm researches and finds those relevant properties on the web across the globe.

    Digital Marketing Services

    • We also provided a SEO Analyst, for continuous keyword research and to find new long tail keywords for all the countries separately. This is to target each market with strategies unique to each kind of customer in these separate markets.
    • We constantly do a detailed competitor analysis, provide weekly reports on all competitor activities and find all organic keywords, PPC campaign and ad copy run by the competitor’s specific to each market.
    • We adapt the clients above mentioned campaigns accordingly.
    • We have been working on this project for more than three years now and have collected approximately 4 million vacation rental contacts so far.
    • By implementing, an automated data entry tool, TransForm’s team was able to reduce Client’s cost of operation by 60%.
    • The organic customer visits on the portal increased by 40% every quarter.
    • The overall digital marketing cost was reduced by 20%.

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