Case Study

TransForm’s ecommerce services helped a home furnishing company to diversifies into new sales channels – eStore Setup

A midsized US home furnishing company with over 24,000 products in 5 categories - rugs, bedding, Pillows, throws and Window Panels diversifies into new sales channels.

Results At A Glance


Store was setup within the timeframe of 7 weeks.

Weekly Traffic

Within 3 months,crossed the mark of over 6,000 new visitors

Total Sales

Increased to 20% in the next year


24/7 coverage


    Founded in 2007, the company has an extensive assortment of rugs, luxury bedding ensembles, designer pillows, accent throws and wooden furniture. Their 105,000 square feet of warehouse space is located in Calhoun, Georgia and Austin.

    With a wide assortment of product choice and combinations, they provide their customers a one stop shop to create homes and interior spaces that are honest expressions of their true personalities. In US, the home furnishing market’s CAGR is nearly 5% and the ecommerce store’s market share is continuously growing with CAGR of about 15%. To leverage the high growth channel, the company wanted to setup an online store.


    The Company did not have any experience in ecommerce or digital technology. After their own initial analysis, they concluded that they needed at least a 6 member team, comprised of members with different levels of expertise – an ecommerce web developer, an ecommerce analyst, 2 members for digital marketing, an inventory manager and an account manager.

    Hiring a complete team was a risky financial decision and getting the right talent was a huge challenge.


    TransForm put together a team to understand their home furnishing business, products, customers and competitors. In a span of just 2 weeks, our team proposed a detailed plan for best suited web store platform, its positioning, website structure, various categories, Keywords to be targeted and other online sales channels. TransForm also undertook detailed online competitor analysis, which helped in finding their customers preferred sales channel, keywords that needed to be targeted and ad copy strategies customized for their target audiences.

    The analysis helped to identify several key areas that needed to be addressed, and TransForm provided the store design and online sales strategy solutions.

    • Over 24,000 products were segregated into 5 categories and multiple subcategories based on product segmentation and keyword research.
    • The store was built in 6 weeks
    • The positioning of the store was done with utmost care, with the help of constant feedback from their higher management
    • The brand was also registered to 10 popular home furnishing marketing places
    • The competitor analysis helped in setting up AdWords and display campaign across various channels.
    • All the pages were SEO optimized with proper URL, tags, metatags, title, alt txt and interlinked for achieving the set target.

    The store was setup within the timeframe of 7 weeks.

    In the initial year the online channel contributed a volume of 15% to the total sales, which increased to 20% in the next year

    Within 3 months, the weekly traffic crossed the mark of over 6,000 new visitors

    The social media analytics was able to detail out the customer preferences, which assisted in designing preferred colour products.

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