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Ecommerce store creation

A passionate ecommerce businessman, after selling products on various platforms like eBay and Amazon, wanted to build his own ecommerce store and earn a sustainable income

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The store was created and fully functional within 10 days


Brand registered to 5 popular market places


Yoga related products and accessories is a $20 billion industry


    Client understands shopping cart and has chosen Shopify for building his first online store. Although successful in building the store, he did not get any sales for 2 months.


    Client did not have any ecommerce expertise and the store was not visually appealing. He was targeting the Yoga and health conscious people based in USA but the store did not have any Yoga related products. It only had one eco-friendly Himalayan candle and a few specific stone lockets that are worn for ones well-being.


    After detailed discussion and understanding the target market, our marketing team suggested building a complete online yoga store. The products that were already on the store had no demand and people preferred to purchase those well-being stones from traditional retail outlets after consulting an astrologer/ numerologist. On the other hand, there is huge demand for yoga related product in USA. Yoga related products and accessories is a $20 billion industry and has an increasing CAGR of 8% .The other key finding of our research was targeting – women should be the main target customers as 72 percent of Yoga practitioners in USA are females. TransForm designed the online store and crafted a sales strategy for client according to the findings of the analysis and focusing on the areas that needed to be modified.

    • We started building the online store using keywords research. Based on this, we created four collections: clothes, mats, yoga kits, and other accessories.
    • The main focus was on female clothes and mats.
    • The store was positioned with utmost care and the banner image was designed accordingly.
    • Based on keyword research, all the key SEO parameters were written -- URL, title, tags, meta tags -- to ensure maximum ROI
    • We registered the brand with 5 popular market places
    • We also integrated the store with email marketing & email capture tool
    • Online chat, SEO manager, Google merchant centre and google analytics were all integrated for better results.
    • The store was created and fully functional within 10 days.
    • Shoppers now discover the store more easily, generating more traffic which in turn enhances sales.
    • All the integrated analytics made tracking of customer behaviour easier, which in turn helps in making better sales strategies for each product.
    • Inventory management is enhanced because of efficient tracking based on demand and sale of each product.

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