4 Easy Keyword Research Techniques for Your eCommerce Store

Keyword research is ideally the first activity when you want to start an eCommerce store. It should be done prior to the wire-framing of your store. If your store is already up and running, do an exhaustive keyword search and implement the suggestions given by the SEO result. Why should you do Keywords Research?

How to do keyword research? Keyword research helps to find all possible relevant keywords that can bring in significant traffic to your eCommerce store. For example – “shoe”, if you are opening a shoe store, you should make sure that before wire-framing the store structure you have all the expected list of keywords related to “Shoe”. It will open a gateway of opportunity, which can bring in high traffic to your store without investing on paid campaigns.

  1. Competitors Competitors are the best way to find all the relevant keywords used in your target industry. Take the top 10 market leaders and top 10 start-ups/emerging companies. Many a times the emerging companies do better keyword research and are more focused on organic traffic, they can give you better results. There are many paid competitor analysis tools like SEM Rush, Spyfu, and Similarweb which can help you do competitor analysis.  The tools will give a vast array of keywords, filter out the redundant keywords and the brand related keywords. To cite an example, if you are planning to open a “shoe store” your main competitor is “Lavya shoes”, the competitor might be getting traffic from the brand name “Lavya” “Lavya” filter out all keywords.Keywords such as “Lavya Competitor” “Alternative to Lavya” “Fashion store other than Lavya” are the ones that should be in your keywords list. You can’t create a collection or a category page for these keywords, but you can target these keywords in your blog or any content page. These pages will help you reach the unsatisfied customer of reputed brands.

  3. Google Keyword Planner It is the most accurate tool for keyword research, you can find new keywords for targeted locations and it is extremely accurate since it is a Google product. However it has few limitations, such as low search volume keywords does not show any result. It generally shows a variety of generic keywords, based on this eCommerce stores can plan various categories and Shopify stores can plan for collection pages.


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