Developing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today

TransForm actively participated in Talent Transformation and Acquisition Workshop, alongside many corporate and education institutions from India’s western region. The workshop was organized by Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) NASSCOM. SCC NASSCOM has taken the leading step towards enabling the workforce of today by instilling in them the required capabilities and technical skills.

It proposed that member companies enhance cooperation with education and training institutions and relevant stakeholders in the world of work at regional and national level, with a view to promoting work placements.

SSC NASSCOM has developed various programs, like Foundation Skills in Information Technology and Global Business Foundation Skills; to allow for smooth transition of workforce from university students to professionals in the IT-ITeS sector.

Education-employer engagement is a two way communication exchange and series of interactions between the education and training sector and the world of work. Its core feature is employer engagement. Employer engagement can take many different forms from employer’s participation in classrooms; employer
involvement in the development of occupational standards; work based learning; mentoring relationships; involvement in curriculum design or the accreditation of programmes; knowledge transfer, research and development and bringing reforms in the national qualification systems.

A significant body of work has been done and is continuing to be done at a national level to promote greater connectivity between education and training and the industry. Member companies and educational partners committed themselves in the objective of including work-based learning in all college courses facilitating youth employment.

Every CEO should be talking about this global learning crisis, and more importantly, making pledges about what the company brings to the table and is willing to do to support these efforts to cure this silent crisis eroding ITeS development potential.

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