How are Businesses Leveraging Technology in this Digital Era?

In today’s modern world, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. At the same time, the corona virus pandemic is slowing down the pace of our lives. Technology is one solution that can help us maintain balance. It can simplify processes and become a viable alternative to employing manual labor within an organization.

Robotic automation is the first advancement that we’re seeing.

How can robotic process automation help a business?

  • Robots can perform functions efficiently: Robots can log into applications, copy and paste files, and extract data from the documents of a business enterprise. They can capture data and provide results over a long time. Cost efficiency and adherence to quality standards can be maintained through robots. There is no scope of human error if a business uses robots.

Businesses are using artificial intelligence to benefit from technology. Artificial intelligence works by imitating the intelligence of humans. According to Gartner, 80% of emerging technologies will involve artificial intelligence by the year 2021.

How can businesses use artificial intelligence?

  • AI provides customers with personalized recommendations: Customers can see personalized recommendations regarding products/services. For example, a customer purchasing a cake can see recommendations for more cakes while browsing a website.
  • Image recognition services: Image recognition can be used to identify objects, places, or people. The most popular application of image recognition is in Apple’s iOS devices, where a phone only opens after looking at the image of the phone owner.


Image Source: Pixabay

  • Machine Learning: Machine learning uses artificial intelligence. Computers can perform various functions without being programmed to perform any specific functions. Instead, machine learning algorithms perform complex mathematical calculations on data. Machine learning can occur through reinforced learning or unsupervised learning. Reinforced learning uses the trial-and-error method, whereas the machine performs functions without any guidance using the unsupervised method. Machine learning saves time and costs for every business enterprise, as programming does not have to be done repeatedly.
  • Deep Learning: Deep learning uses algorithms to create an artificial neural network. Machines can make decisions based on the network. Deep learning can be used to recognize languages or translate text.
  • Speech Technologies: Speech technology refers to the ability of a machine to convert words to a format that can only be read by machines. Through speech technology, spoken words are automatically converted to text. Many applications on the App Store or the Google Play Store have already made use of speech recognition. Apart from converting words to text, one can see currencies or years on the screen.

Natural Language Processing: Natural language processing refers to the interaction between humans and computers using natural language. Computers extract the linguistic meaning of texts or sentences. Popular features on mobile phones, like Autocorrect are used. (for instance, while writing notes in a phone)


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Are you ready to leverage the power of technology in a world that is becoming digital?

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