5 Reasons for a Marketing Agency to Partner with SEO Consultancies


Marketing agencies usually tend to ignore aspects of search engine optimization because it is not usually a strategic activity. However, ignoring SEO can have undesirable outcomes such as reduced web traffic, unsatisfactory organic search metrics, and unfinished SEO projects. Ignoring your clients’ SEO will affect their other marketing campaigns too, as web traffic is crucial for every marketing initiative today.

While most marketing agencies have their own in-house SEO teams, it simply isn’t enough to cater to every client’s SEO requirements as that can overburden your in-house team. In fact, every marketing project you take up needs some amount of SEO activity in order to make it wholesome and successful. Burdening your own SEO teams will affect your internal productivity and may have unintended consequences on your clients’ projects.

In this article, let us take a look at why you should partner with SEO consultancies, and how they can help you scale better.

1. Grow your leads

Whether you have an SEO team or not, it always helps to do a website audit so that all your meta-tags and keywords are in place. Secondly, focusing on certain important keywords that drive traffic to your business can be very helpful in increasing the number of leads too. Third, when your website’s errors are fixed and it loads quickly, people tend to stay on your pages for a longer time, helping you gain more leads.

Finally, fixing your own SEO helps you to gain clarity on the importance of search engine optimization, which helps you to recommend it as a primary service to your clients. Whether your clients seek social media marketing or paid search ads, you can begin to counsel them to seek SEO services. Invariably, this creates a win-win situation for you and your clients and helps you grow your leads.

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Source: Optinmonster

2. Understand your clients better

SEO initiatives help you gain a better understanding of your clients’ requirements. Analyzing their keywords, helping them to fix their website errors, and sprucing up their content helps you to understand what is missing in their main marketing initiative. From there, you can ameliorate the entire process and give a superior result to your client. Even if they came looking only for a social media campaign, helping them with their SEO helps you to position yourself as an all-round marketing agency.

In addition, SEO audits provide valuable information about your clients such as demographic details of their target audience, behavioral data of their customers, key moods and themes that may affect their content marketing, etc. All this information helps you to improve your marketing mix for your clients.

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3. Enhance your brand image

SEO helps you do a lot of things that can enhance your brand image. As Neil Patel rightly points out, SEO helps you write better content for your clients, while also giving them suggestions to make their websites more user-friendly. Ranking highly in search results makes your clients look credible and important, which greatly enhances their brand image. Tying up with an SEO agency helps you to add the SEO oomph to your regular marketing mix. This helps you to give an extra something to your clients who probably only sought to run a social media campaign or kick-start a PR initiative.

4. Scale your business

Primarily, technical aspects of SEO can greatly help in scaling business, simply because it reduces errors being shown, robots not crawling properly, and pages not getting indexed correctly. In addition, SEO helps you to scale your business in two ways. Firstly, your own business ranks better in search results, helping you find better leads and more number of projects. Secondly, using SEO to help your clients will increase project success. This helps to boost your brand image, and enhances your chances of gaining winning testimonials, reviews and referrals. Either way, SEO helps you to scale your business quickly and effectively.

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5. Expect better ROI

Organic search is one of the primary ways people arrive at websites, whether your own or your clients’. A whopping 93% of all visitors arrive from a search query they entered in one of the search engines. 87% of smartphone users type out queries on Google or a similar website every single day. This means, making sure that your website or your clients’ is search engine optimized can vastly improve the success rate. In short, you can expect a better return on investment when you engage in SEO. Of course, you can repeat these words to your clients as well.

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Partnering with SEO teams helps you focus on your core activities

Though often ignored, engaging in SEO can vastly help you scale and fetch better ROI for your own agency. In addition, engaging in SEO for your clients helps you to improve their success as well. However, it may not be logistically possible for you to handle both your and your clients’ SEO at the same time. It requires an entire village (or an external partner) to manage multiple SEO campaigns. External partners can take care of both your and your clients’ search engine optimization, while you can focus on your core activities. After all, it is your core activities that bring a large part of your revenue.

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